Family Preservation

Committed to family

Wellspring Lutheran Services is committed to preserving Michigan families by keeping children safely in their own homes. All programs use a strength-based and family-centered approach with the families referred for service.

Wellspring Lutheran Services is proud to be the largest provider of Family Preservations services in Michigan.

In all of our Family Preservation programs, services are delivered in family homes or other mutually agreed on community locations. A mixture of counseling, skills training and concrete services are offered to meet the unique needs of each family. Services include:

  • Parenting skills training
  • Crisis intervention
  • Home management skills
  • Budgeting assistance
  • Safety planning
  • Concrete assistance (transportation, emergency financial assistance, housing)
  • Advocacy with service provider/community resources
  • Referral for substance abuse, mental health or other counseling

Wellspring Lutheran Services offers these family preservation programs:

Families First. Located in 44 counties, Families First of Michigan (FFM) is a referral program that hopes to prevent separation of child and family. Families are referred to the program through the Department of Human Services (DHS), as well as some Juvenile Courts and Domestic Violence Shelters. In conjunction with the referring worker and the FFM worker, the family establishes goals for the interventions so the child(ren) can remain safely in their own home. Interventions typically last 28 days and the FFM worker spends an average of 10 hours per week with a family.

Family Reunification Program. This program assists families during the transition period when a child(ren) returns from out-of-home placement/foster care. Services are delivered by a team leader who provides weekly therapy and a family worker who helps the family address needs, and supports the family as they reintegrate the child(ren) into daily family life. Families receive an average of four hours of face-to-face service per week, typically for a period of four months.

The family may receive assistance with:

  • Parenting skills
  • Communication skills
  • Substance abuse education
  • Home management
  • Domestic violence education
  • Budgeting skills

Family Support Programs/Family Intervention and Family Advocacy. This "family" of in-home programs is offered by Wellspring Lutheran Services in conjunction with the Department of Human Services (DHS) in Northwestern Michigan. The programs are often used as a less intensive "step-down" to Families First, as a way to continue positive progress. These programs have flexible eligibility guidelines and accept families involved in all DHS children's programs.