Rehab Services

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Hope flows through us to help you recover

Getting back to a regular routine after an illness or surgery as quickly as possible is critical to restoring hope and purpose. The Short-term rehabilitation team at Wellspring Lutheran Services focuses on your particular needs and works with your physician to craft a therapy approach that helps you or your loved one recover safely and effectively. We believe our combination of skilled services and empathetic, Christ-centered care will make the difference for you.

We invite you to learn more about Wellspring's rehab services in occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy, and see how we can help speed your progress at one of our residential rehab facilities or in the comfort of your own home.

Residential rehabilitation clients benefit from these services:

  • Pre-service consultation. Visit our rehabilitation department prior to surgery. Meet our staff, who will answer questions and provide information.
  • Exceptional staffing. The ratio of staff to clients is well above the norm to provide more individualized care.
  • Connectivity. Internet services and personal phone service allow you to remain connected to your loved ones, no matter what the time of day or night.
  • Dining. Personal preference options offer fresh daily food choices.
  • Focused discharge planning. Our professionals will work with your family and your physician(s) to assure a smooth transition home, and that you have access to the services you may need to be successful in your home.
  • Home evaluations. This pre-discharge evaluation can help identify potential issues and make home modification suggestions to safely manage the challenges at home.

Through varied rehabilitation approaches, the short-term rehab programs at Wellspring Lutheran Services:

  • Are staffed by highly skilled therapists who focus on your independence and make it their goal to get you back to your old tricks as quickly as possible
  • Reflect Christian compassion
  • Build each person's confidence
  • Provide good communication and clear understanding with each step and segment of your rehabilitation
  • Establish a comfortable environment with a caring staff, which promotes successful rehabilitation

Whether your rehab is in one of our rehab centers or in the comfort of your own home, your recovery is important to our team of therapists.

Wherever You Call Home

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