Hearts for Jesus Week 4


God calls us to help His people in need (Luke 10: 25-37)

LESSON GOAL: Students will have a better understanding of the part they play in transforming communities and changing lives in a broken world — by being the hands and feet of Jesus and loving our neighbors.

CELEBRATION CHAPEL VIDEO/SONG: "Matthew West – Do Something"

WEEKLY CHAPEL VIDEO: Mattie's Story – part four 

THINK: As a class or in small groups, read Luke 10:25-27 and discuss the following:
1. How did Jesus answer the "expert" of the law?
2. What was so special about the Samaritan and why he was helping the man in need?
3. How can we "go and do likewise"?

PRAY: Pray that God would help us to turn to Him in our times of trouble, trusting in Him and His Word to encourage us. Also pray that He would provide comfort and care for those in need, particularly children who are seeking adoption. Finally, pray that God would use us as instruments of His love to those in need.

K–8: Monday – Wednesday - Collect items for assembling hygiene kits. For smaller schools, they could collect diapers and baby wipes. On Friday, assemble teams across grade levels to assemble hygiene kits that would include prayer cards and letters of encouragement made during the Week 3 activity.

CHAPEL: Have the students bring in their "garbage bag banks" and empty them into a "new" suitcase to symbolize the first steps children in foster care see to moving into their forever homes and with their forever families.



The materials you need for Hearts for Jesus - Week Four are below:

Curriculum - week four 
Matthew West – Do Something
Mattie's Story – part four