Hearts for Jesus Week 1


God created us to be His people.

LESSON GOAL:  Students will have a better understanding of how God's original design for us was to have the perfect world, life and family — free from sin and brokenness.

GET READY K-2: Watch "God's Story - Creation"

During class discussion time, have students discuss and identify differences between their lives/families and that of Mattie's from the chapel video.

WEEKLY CHAPEL VIDEO: Mattie's Story – part one

THINK: As a class or in small groups, discuss the following:

1.  Why do you think God decided to make humans as part of His creation?

READ: Gen. 1:27-28

2.  When God created male and female, what did he command them to do?

3.  What is the role of humans in creation?  What is the role of parents in families?

4.  Brainstorm: Who has God placed in your life to nurture, love and train you?

5.  What would your life be like if you did not have anyone to take care of you?


There are many children in this world who come from broken families and find themselves in great need for someone to adopt them and take care of them.


PRAY: Give thanks to God for the people He has provided to care for us. Ask for Him to provide appropriate caregivers for those who do not have families or who are seeking to be adopted.

K – 4:  Students draw a picture of their family
5 – 8:  Students bring in a family picture and write a short paragraph (5-8 sentences) describing what their family means to them.

CHAPEL:  Use the Wellspring "Foster Children: Kings & Queens" video as an introduction to the month.  



The materials you need for Hearts for Jesus - Week One are below:

Curriculum - week one 
"God's Story - Creation"
Mattie's Story – part one
"Foster Children: Kings & Queens"