Hearts for Jesus Week 3


God sent his Son, Jesus, to save us from sin and the brokenness of this world. (John 3:16-17)

LESSON GOAL: Students will have a better understanding that God sent His son, Jesus – to pay the price for our fall into sin. Because of Jesus's death, we now are redeemed.

GET READY / WEEKLY CHAPEL VIDEO:  Mattie's Story – part three

THINK: As a class or in small groups, discuss John 3:16-17 and then think back to our list of caregivers from Week 1:

1. How did they teach you to "know God"?
2. How did they teach you to "praise God"?
3. How did they teach you the difference between right and wrong?
4. How might your life be different if you did not have people to give you this training?

PRAY: Thank God for those He has provided to give us spiritual guidance and direction in our lives. For those who are lacking parents and others to provide such training, pray that God would provide faithful people to fill this role.

K – 8: Create prayer cards and write letters of encouragement to be part of the supplies in the hygiene kits to be assembled in week 4.

OPTIONAL ACTIVITY: Communicate and encourage parents to view the 12-minute video, "ReMoved," to help educate them on foster care through the eyes of a child. It's important to provide a disclaimer to parents about the nature of this video prior to them viewing it with their children. The "Mattie Story" chapel videos were specifically designed to share the same message in a more child-friendly format.


 The materials you need for Hearts for Jesus - Week Three are below:

Curriculum - week three 
Mattie's Story – part three
ReMoved (optional)