Hearts for Jesus Week 2


God forgives us even when we don't act like His people (Gen. 3)


LESSON GOAL: Students will have a better understanding of how sin was brought into our world destroying the original design that God had for us. This creates conflict, pain, brokenness and death.

GET READY K-2: Watch "God's Story - The Fall"

WEEKLY CHAPEL VIDEO: Mattie's Story – part two 

THINK: As a class or in small groups, read together or highlight the events found in Genesis 3.

1. How was the perfection of God's creation broken?
2. What would be the "perfect" family?
3. Why does the perfect family not exist, but instead families face death, divorce, illness and other difficulties that leave children in great need?
4. What was God's plan to fix the brokenness created by sin?

PRAY: Pray for families everywhere that are dealing with conflict, divorce, illness, or other difficulties. Pray that God would provide comfort and encouragement for all families, and that he would especially provide care for children who are in difficult family situations or who find themselves without a family to care for them.

K–8: Write a thank you note to a parent, teacher, pastor, relative or friend who has provided you with spiritual training.  


The materials you need for Hearts for Jesus - Week Two are below:

Curriculum - week two 
"God's Story - The Fall"
Mattie's Story – part two