How to Celebrate the Holidays without Spoiling the Kids

young-girl-opening-gift-christmasThe holidays can be a tough time of year to keep your children from getting spoiled. From expensive toys compliments of the grandparents to Secret Santa at day care, the bounty your child receives can really add up. It makes it hard to keep them grounded and from expecting to receive a gift everywhere they go during the holidays. If you are struggling to teach your child gratitude this season, we’ve pulled together a few tips we think might help.

4 Tips for Helping Children be Grateful During the Holidays

You can keep your child from get spoiled this season by setting a few ground rules:

  1. Establish gift limits. This might be tough to do if your child is the only grandchild or if they have a lot of aunts and uncles who enjoy spending time with them. But it is a necessary step in keeping your child from being overindulged this holiday season. It might be that you set a limit on how much can be spent overall on your children or that you work on setting boundaries as to how extravagant each gift can be. It won’t do any good to limit gift giving to one per person and then have a long distance grandparent spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on just that one gift.
  2. Get one, give up one. Another way to help your child better understand how lucky they are, is to pick a children’s charity to donate to. For every new gift your child receives, they give up one gently used toy to donate to this charity. They can do the same with clothing. Talking about why sharing their treasures is important for other children who aren’t as fortunate.
  3. Remember the reason for the season. If you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or if you just use the season as a time to be with loved ones, help your child understand the real reason behind the season. Encourage meaningful activities such as baking cookies with a grandparent, going Christmas caroling with friends and neighbors or volunteering at a local soup kitchen.
  4. Watch how you express gratitude. Younger children model behavior they see, especially that of their parents. Make sure you express gratitude and appreciation for the blessings that come your way this holiday season.

We hope these tips give you a few ideas for helping your family enjoy a happy, healthy and grateful holiday season! Please comment on your tips for making the holiday season joyful without over indulging.