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Child & Family Services at Wellspring

Equipping families for success

When we think of family, we think of the people who can support and encourage us to be and do our best. Yet, there are so many external forces working against families today – things like generational poverty, lack of education, abuse, neglect or addictions.

Every family has a story, and sometimes those stories take unexpected twists and turns. That’s when families are forced to make difficult decisions in times of crisis. Without the proper support network and resources, these conditions bring families to the edge, and may create unsafe living conditions for everyone involved.

At Wellspring, we are committed to walking alongside families during the highs and lows life can bring. Because every family is different, our highly trained and compassionate staff takes the time to listen, and then works together with each family to come up with an individualized plan that will meet their growing needs, and help to eliminate their ongoing fears. When our work together is complete, families are strengthened and lives are changed.