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Adoption is a gift. Standing in a courtroom when a judge hits the gavel and brings together a family for a lifetime is a spectacular moment for all involved. It is a moment that makes any past hurts fall away, and allows a new chapter to begin. It is precious... and we are grateful to be able to walk with families on this important adventure.

As Michigan’s largest private adoption agency, Lutheran Adoption Service (LAS), jointly owned by Wellspring Lutheran Services and Samaritas, specializes in adoptions through foster care. Many of the children who are waiting to be adopted are part of a sibling group, are teenagers or may have special needs that require a special home with extra love.

If you are interested in learning more about the process of adoption, visit or call 248.423.2770.

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Trigg was placed into foster care at birth with Drew and Stacey Langstraat as his foster parents through Wellspring Lutheran Services.

After nearly three years, parental rights were terminated to Trigg’s birth parents and Trigg was up for adoption. With three biological children of their own, Drew and Stacey lovingly chose to adopt Trigg.

Drew and Stacey continue to foster children today.