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Camp Hope at Wellspring

Learning to grieve

The grieving process is hard enough as an adult, but imagine what it’s like for a 12-year-old who’s just lost his mom to cancer. Knowing what to say and do – or feel – is so hard. It may seem almost easier to feel lost and alone.

But that’s not healthy for anyone. That’s when Camp Hope steps in.

Camp Hope is a three-day camp designed to help children and teenagers, ages 6-17, learn how to grieve. Camp Hope provides a safe place for children and teens to interact with peers who have experienced similar losses. Campers can express their feelings of grief, learn coping skills and most importantly, begin a healthy healing process.

One of the best parts about Camp Hope is this: There is no charge to attend Camp Hope. That’s because Wellspring Lutheran Services receives grants and generous donations to help fund the camp each year.

Take a moment to see camp through the eyes of a child who attends camp.

Camp Hope 2016: The three Villareal brothers attended after a school counselor sent home a Camp Hope application.

Their father, Emanuel Villareal passed away in 2014 due to a brain tumor. He was 32 years old.

The Villareal brothers were nervous but excited to attend Camp Hope, a free bereavement camp for children who have lost a loved one.

Many of the campers who attend say that this was the most helpful part of dealing with their grief. Some are so moved by the experience that they end up coming back to work for Wellspring long after camp is over.

Applications are accepted each spring. If you have questions about Camp Hope, you can call 989.652.4663 or inquire here.

Camp Hope 2019: August 14, 15 & 16


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