Supportive Housing

Supportive Housing at Wellspring

A place to call home

With a significant lack of safe and affordable housing, youth who age out of foster care often have nowhere to go and end up homeless. In a survey of former Wayne County foster care youth, we learned that 47% of the respondents experience one or more periods of homelessness prior to age 20 and 23% were immediately homeless upon leaving foster care.

To help address this issue, Wellspring worked with the Damone Group to develop Oakman Place in Detroit to help struggling families. Oakman Place offers nine one-bedroom and 15 two-bedroom units on Oakman Boulevard, located just east of the Focus: HOPE campus. The one-bedroom units are reserved for homeless youth and one of the two-bedroom units for homeless families. The remaining units are available to families at 60% AMI (Area Media Income) or below.

In addition, Wellspring provides an opportunity for homeless youth to obtain housing and supportive services as they move into the adult world of self-sufficiency and independence. Supportive services are provided onsite, including case managers, educational liaisons and employment specialists.

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