Bonnie Hess Center for Excellence

At Wellspring, we believe in ongoing training and education for all employees. When we moved our home office to Flint, Michigan, it was our vision to create a training center where all employees could learn and grow together. In 2015, that dream came true, and we now have the Bonnie Hess Center for Excellence.

Named after Bonnie Hess, the center serves as a tribute to a beloved program manager for Wellspring’s child and family division, who passed away in 2001. Bonnie was a licensed psychologist, but more than anything, she was an advocate for those who needed a voice. She invested her career into helping people of all ages – initially seniors, and later children and families.

The Bonnie Hess Center for Excellence is made possible through the vision and generosity of Bonnie’s mother, Anita, who funded the center.

Over the past several years, thousands of staff who serve children, families, seniors and caregivers across the state have taken advantage of the center through its ongoing programming, in-depth trainings, activities, etc.

The Bonnie Hess Center for Excellence has become the focal point for Wellspring’s ongoing commitment to the learning, knowledge and professional development of its statewide staff.