Internships at Wellspring

Use your God-given potential to change lives and transform communities.

Is this you? As you contemplate your life’s work ahead, you are moved to make a difference for others. You are continually guided by a desire to strengthen families. Every day, you find yourself wondering how to apply your passion for service in the most meaningful way.

If that rings true, what Wellspring offers you is the opportunity to meet and work alongside employees who are driven by the same motivations. They have found their life’s calling by empowering communities in both large and small ways that add up to incredible transformation over time.

In fact, our employees may be the most valuable resource you could ask for. While building your resume and gaining valuable experience in your chosen field is a must, it’s those meaningful connections and mentorships that will solidify the picture of your future career in your mind’s eye and most importantly, in your heart.

Featured Internships

Family Preservation

This program serves children at risk of being removed from their home with the goal of keeping their families intact. Learn first-hand and practice the skills necessary to help families overcome any number of hurdles that may be preventing them from building a positive future together.

Foster Care

Foster care services arise when children cannot safely remain in their home and must be removed from their primary caregiver for a period of time, with the ultimate goal of reunifying the family. Are you ready to gather the tools necessary to help children and families in their time of need?

Residential Youth Services

This program provides a safety net and source of hope for teens and adolescent children with mental and behavioral challenges who require 24/7 care. This internship is perfect for those who feel called to learn how to help and support children who thrive under specialized and skilled care.


Hospice services ensure that a person’s final days on this earth are as valued and meaningful as they were intended to be after receiving a terminal diagnosis. We also serve children through Camp Hope, an outdoor summer camp for grieving children.

Home Health

In-home nursing care can be a true blessing for those in need of rehabilitation, general or specialized care in the comfort of their own home.

We also offer internships in complementary services such as Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, Supportive housing and Administration. Please note that Wellspring does not provide all of these services in all our locations across the state. Rather, services vary depending on the needs of the community. We take pleasure in helping qualified candidates find the best fit among our diverse fields.

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