Meet Our Staff

Meet Georgeta

Georgeta Smith has worked for Wellspring since 2015. She started out as a families together building solutions (FTBS) care worker and has since been promoted to FTBS supervisor. FTBS is a program within our Family Preservation division. She enjoys working as social worker at Wellspring Lutheran Services.

Meet Jeanett

Jeanett is a caregiver at Wellspring's Senior Living Campus in Saginaw. She enjoys caring for the residents and interacting with them on a daily basis.

Meet Lunette

Lunette Robinson is the director of housekeeping at Wellspring in Monroe. She has been serving our residents and families for 45 years in Monroe. Lunette says caring for the residents is her mission. Lunette says, “I just don't know where the 45 years went, it just doesn't seem like that long. You just have to make the day go by with a smile, I love making the residents laugh.”"

Meet Pamela

Pamela is a care at Wellspring's Senior Living Campus - assisted living in Saginaw.

Meet Leonica

Leonica is a Families First program manager at Wellspring Lutheran Services. She believes in caring for families and has a passion for teaching the families we serve that there is HOPE.